3 Important Reasons For Social Bookmarking

In today’s online world, only important thing is to make popular websites because popular websites means more traffic, more fans, more options to monetize your website and more money. No matter what is your reason for creating a website of your own, either your hobby or business idea, you want to make your website popular – you want people to like your website and come back to your website often to see if there is something new and interesting.

First thing you want to achieve with your website is to get some visitors, and I would bet your first wish is to get a lot of visitors to your website. How you can achieve that? OK, today there is a lot of different ways to drive targeted traffic to your website, but one of the most popular ways is through social bookmarking (SB). That is a relatively new way to promote your website but apparently people love it since there are hundreds of different social bookmarking websites that people love, visit often and participate in creation and popularity of content on such a websites.

Therefore, if you own a website or a blog, even if it is a free hosted blog, or even if you have a fan page on some social networking website, you would want to promote it through bookmarking (SB) websites. Before I give you a list of the three top important reasons for doing social bookmarking, let me give you one quick example of how important and profitable SB can be.

I suppose you didn’t hear it before, but I’m a proud owner of one of the most profitable website on the internet, when it comes to simple websites promoting affiliate programs and ads. One great way of driving traffic to that website is through bookmarking (SB) because it seems people love the way I’m promoting my website, in a not pushy and interesting way. Also, recently I’ve started one blog on a free blog platform. Nothing fancy and nothing special, but I’ve made it interesting in a particular way. On that blog, or to be exact one blog post, I was promoting ten products from one affiliate program. With bookmarking to SB websites I was able to drive more than 100,000 visitors in just a three or four days. That earned me more than 3,000 bucks in an easy way. From that example you can see how important, useful and profitable social bookmarking can be, and I’m sure you can find social bookmarking important for your website promotion too. Now, let’s go to the top three important reasons for social bookmarking.

Drive free targeted traffic to your website
Since there are hundreds of social bookmarking websites on the internet, with only one smart social bookmarking campaign you can drive thousands of people to your website. Even better, a majority of that traffic will be highly targeted to your website subject and your niche. That means those people who come to your website will be very interested in what you are talking about, what you are offering or what you are selling through your website. That can make a big difference to your website popularity and profitability.

Improve your Pagerank and number of links from authority websites
Social bookmarking website are not just “some” websites on the internet. A majority of them have a great value in the eyes of search engines. You can notice that by just looking at Pagerage of most of the social bookmarking websites. The most popular ones have Pagerank of 4 and more, up to 8. Links from such a popular and well ranked websites are great source for links to your websites which will give you a high ranking on search engines, beside the highly targeted traffic.

Boost your website popularity
Social bookmarking websites are “edited” by real people who browse those website, check their content and rank it up or down as they like it. That means your link, post or content can become highly popular on such a websites, and your link or content can get viral – people will rank it well, probably share on their blogs or social networking websites. Without much effort done from your side, your link, post or content can be published on hundreds or even thousands of other web properties which will send you additional traffic. That is the main reason why social bookmarking is so powerful and interesting.

I will give you one quick example. My blog post, the one I was talking about earlier, was taken from number of social bookmarking websites and it was posted to hundreds of other blogs and social networking websites. I didn’t do anything special to achieve that, it was all done by other people on their own, just because they liked my post on various bookmarking websites. Therefore, if you are not doing any social bookmarking yet, it is time to start submitting your websites to various bookmarking websites and start receiving highly targeted and quality traffic from these very popular websites.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Social Bookmarking Services

Social bookmarking is the act of saving useful website links (“bookmarks”) to a public directory and tagging them with relevant and appropriate words or phrases for easy retrieval. Every Web browser has a feature that allows you to save links that you visit often in a folder called “Bookmarks”. The downside of using browser-based bookmarks is that they are only accessible to you when working on that machine. Social bookmarking extends this access to wherever you are by storing your favorite links on a public resource. If you are not yet sure about the advantage of doing this, here are 7 reasons that might change your mind about social bookmarks.

1. Ease of access to content: Even when you are accessing the Internet from a device other than your primary computer, you will be able to find your favorite bookmarks using a social bookmarking service. This also safeguards your resources in the event of a computer crash or virus attack that wipes out your local bookmarks folder.

2. Back-links: On the World Wide Web, a link back to your content is a vote on its popularity as a useful, valuable or entertaining resource. The act of social bookmarking can provide your content with many such one-way back-links (from the bookmarking site to your website). This will boost your content’s perceived value.

3. Traffic: The goal of most webmasters is to get more people to their website to consume their content. Social bookmarking can get your website extra visibility. It will feature your content on categorized lists that will appeal to the right kind of people who are specifically looking for such information.

4. Potential for viral spread: Social bookmarks are visible to everyone using the site (unless you mark it as ‘Private’). So there is a high chance of good content being shared across the network. As bookmarking services rank bookmarks by popularity (the number of people who list a specific resource), this can snowball rapidly and bring your content a huge audience without costing you a penny!

5. Faster search engine indexing: The popular social bookmarking services like Digg, Delicious and Reddit are a favorite of search engines because they are a treasure trove of frequently updated information categorized by topic, and ranked by popularity. So search engines will frequently ‘crawl’ links on these sites. By bookmarking your brand new website, you may get major search engines to “discover” your site very quickly – often within a few hours.

6. Higher ranking: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the set of actions performed to get a website ranked high on search services like Google, Yahoo and Bing for a particular phrase or keyword. Bookmarking helps in this by providing your content with multiple back links from resources that the search engines trust.

7. Personal branding: Social bookmarking services also let you create a Web presence where your favorite bookmarks are listed. This can help in developing and spreading your personal brand as you grow a collection of bookmarks that are relevant to your brand.

With thousands of social bookmarking services around, you are spoiled for choice. Make sure you select wisely. Rely upon sites that are authoritative and also related to your niche. This way you will enjoy all the 7 benefits of social bookmarking without wasting too much time and effort. While you will soon learn the most effective ways to use these services, here are a few tips to get started:

1. Bookmark only useful content: If your bookmarks are of value to the general public, you will soon develop a following within the social bookmarking site. People will explore your links and even add them to their own bookmarks, giving your bookmarks higher popularity within the network.

2. Comment on other bookmarks: If you find a useful bookmark that someone else has added on the network, leave a comment that shows your appreciation. Since social bookmarking is a way to grow online communities, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying an unexpected benefit – a network of friends on your favorite bookmarking sites!

3. Do not spam: Posting links to every page of your website, or each of your blog posts, or a lot of useless resources, is a sure way to lose your authority and respect on these social networks.

4. Categorize your bookmarks: Social bookmarking involves archiving valuable links and also organizing them by using descriptive tags or labels. Submit your bookmarks under the relevant category and include as many tags as needed to help others find the link easily while searching.

When it comes to bookmarking, the important thing is to get started. There is a lot to learn. But you can learn it through practice as you use the social bookmarking sites to share your favorite online resources. With so many advantages to using social bookmarking, you shouldn’t waste another day. Get started right away!

The Pros and Cons of Social Bookmarking

Employing browsers similar to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox when bookmarking cherished web sites is a way some people are accustomed to. As equated to browser bookmarking, social bookmarking is when internet members browse, manage, organize, and share bookmarking on some site. The bookmarks’ (web addresses) are the ones which are made visible to the people of social bookmarking scheme and not the exact net content. Sometimes details are added to the bookmarks to provide clarity and understanding of the web content.

What is the intention of Social Bookmarking?

1. An important benefit is that you can employ your preferred bookmarked website from anywhere employing the internet. All you have to do is log into the bookmarking web site and determine your favorite web site. You can also add more bookmarks from anywhere and log into numerous different social bookmarking websites.

2. Human beings share websites that are of interest to them and therefore a bookmarking website should reflect this by showing lists of net addresses with affiliated content. Lets’ say you have resolved to bookmark a site selling tennis products on a bookmarking web site which is about sports in general. For the web site I will produce related keywords and some description. Producing fundamental phrases and a relevant title is the next important step. Depending on the bookmarking site, you then have a option to bookmark the web site as private or public for everyone to determine it. You can bookmark your internet site as private or public dependent upon your alternative and the bookmarking service. There are two choices you can make with your bookmark if the bookmarking system allows it, making it visible to private or public users.

What are the advantages. Are there any rewards. Does a social bookmarking scheme have any benefits?

1. A social bookmarking scheme or service has some rewards over other categorization and resource finding schemes. When equated to other resource location and categorization systems, social bookmarking schemes have a number of rewards. There are quite a number of advantages for using a social bookmarking site when likened to other information ranking systems. Now, in search engines the crawling spiders and there linked explore algorithms attempt to discern the meaning of a resource. Search engine algorithmic programs and spiders try to determine the class of content for organization or ranking. Site information is crawled by search agents and processed by sophisticated lookup engine algorithms for ranking and classification. In social bookmarking individuals, who know the content of a resource, carry out the real tag-based categorization. Tag-based classification in a social bookmarking system is method done by people who are know the content and not a explore engine bot which cannot reason, at least for now. The process of bookmarking a website is a human-driven method based on web site content knowledge and is far superior to the algorithmic processes of a browse engine.

2. There are cases whereby individuals bookmark web pages which have not yet been indexed by search engine spiders. Some of the website addresses in a bookmarking system may have been poorly indexed or not indexed at all by search engines. Thanks to the bookmarking site, because unsatisfactorily indexed site addresses are made visible through the bookmarking system and will then have a better chance of being picked by search engines. In some cases the pages may have been indexed but may be sunk several pages away from the main search page. There are cases where a web page is ranked far below hundreds of thousands of other pages and not visible in searches. A internet page sunk below tens of thousands of other websites will not be visible on the first and second page of search engine browse results and therefore difficult to determine.

3. If an internet resource has been bookmarked numerous times by the members, it can then be highly ranked by a social bookmarking system. In a social bookmarking scheme a internet site which has been bookmarked some times can be ranked highly. When people bookmark a website several times in a bookmarking site, it enhances its chances of being placed in high ranking positions when searched for. This is more important than basing the ranking on the number of incident connects towards the resource similar to what search engines do. When equated to basing the ranking on numbers of external links towards the site, which is what search engines do, bookmarking systems are more advantageous. Bookmarking systems therefore have an advantage over search engines which utilize external connections towards a web site.

4. Social bookmarking sites are graded highly by search engines such as Google and therefore if your site is bookmarked it increases its ranking. Search engines such as Google and Bing love bookmarking schemes which they rank highly and your bookmarked website is indirectly bound to get better too. Your bookmarked site will move up its ranking because bookmarking scheme are favored by browse engines similar to Yahoo and Google which rank them highly. If users discover your site vital it can be rated highly within the social bookmarking site. Within the social bookmarking scheme your web site can be highly rated if other users like it very much. Your site can be rated highly by bookmarking system members if they find it vital. This may culminate in an increase of highly directed traffic to your net site. More targeted traffic may be channeled to your website as a result of this. Well, you will then obtain a substantial amount of traffic for such a high rating of your website.

Are there any deficiencies. Can we determine any disadvantages. Any disadvantages you can think of?

1. One of the disadvantages of these tag-based site is that there is no standard for the structure of the tags. Lack of a fundamental standardization in these tag-based social bookmarking web sites is a limitation. There is no understandable standard for the structure of the tags in a bookmarking site and is some kind of a deficiency. For illustration, there are no rules on when and where to utilize capitalization, singular and plural. As an example, where and when to employ singular or plural or capitalization is not that clear. A good instance is the lack of rules on how we can use things such as capitalization, singular or plural. In social bookmarking there is no standard set of keywords, but some kind of social tagging where users add meta data or free text in the form of keywords to common content. Adding meta data of some free text as keywords to shared internet content is a type of social tagging which does not have any supporting specification set of keywords. There is not a specification set of keywords to help in the social tagging action which goes on in a social bookmarking site, but free text is utilized as keywords to a shared internet content.

2. It has been announced that there are many instances when groups of people have colluded in order to manage the bookmarking to their own advantage. In order to manage the bookmarks to their own biased advantage some user groups have connived together. It is possible for a group of people to come together for the purposes of controlling bookmarks at the expense of other users. Many users have already started to utilize bookmarking schemes as part of their search engine optimization strategies. As part of their search engine optimization schemes there are numerous people who are now using bookmarking systems for that purpose. Bookmarking web sites are now being employed by several individuals as tools for web site optimization schemes.This has resulted in random bookmarking on many internet sites which are not related to the content of their internet sites, since their aim is to build as numerous incident connections as possible to move up the visibility of their internet sites. To move up the visibility of their websites by increasing he number of outside links, numerous users are now employing bookmarking of their web sites on many bookmarking sites even if the content of their site is not related. Even if the net content of their site is not allied to that of other bookmarks, some members are now randomly adding their sites on numerous bookmarking websites to addition the number of connects connecting to their web sites from outside.

3. Spamming is turning into a problem and the same web page address is posted numerous times on the same bookmarking site. Well, another disadvantage is that some users may post the same web page several times on a bookmarking internet site, which of course is spamming. The same internet page may be submitted a number of times by a user leading into a spamming issue. More effort is wanted to root out these abusers and clean up the bookmarking websites. The bookmarking site will need regular cleaning and subsequently rooting out those who abuse the system. More work will be needed to prevent those who abuse the system and remove the spamming websites from the bookmarking site.

Social bookmarking has been active for years now but is now growing rapidly and is fast becoming a useful tool for several web marketers. Growing fast and fast quickly turning into an important tool social bookmarking has really developed within the last decade. For numerous years social bookmarking has been steadily maturing and at present is growing fast and is now a tool web marketers can not ignore.

Using Social Bookmarking Effectively To Get More Targeted Prospects

Social bookmarking is part of a well planned network marketing strategy. It is one easy method you can use to grow your web of content and grow social credibility among the network marketing industry.

Social bookmarking strategy is great; however, if misused, it can really hurt you instead of help you in your network marketing business. We’ll talk about this in a moment.

Social Bookmarking for Network Marketing

It is very important to have your website rank in the first pages of Google for your targeted keywords so that you are found by targeted prospects looking for your service or product.

If you don’t come up on the first pages of Google or other search engines, it will be really difficult to get traffic to your site. The higher your ranking, the easier it will be to get free targeted traffic to your website.

To rank higher on the search engines, you need to have a lot of links pointing to your website and this is where social bookmarking sites can help you a lot if you know how to use them correctly. So what things are right and, what are wrong when using social bookmarking sites?

Using Social Bookmarking Effectively

The first important thing to consider here is to be social and to be a person who brings quality content to the community. Quality content can be content you create, but it can also be content other network marketers create that gives value to the community.

If you start bookmarking only your content you will be classified as a spammer and someone only interested in selling or pitching his business. Even if your content holds value, it’s not a good move to bookmark only your stuff.

In attraction marketing, it is very important to give and provide something good before can have what you want. Remember that helping others, and promoting their work, will get you the same treatment back from them. So, it’s very important to bookmark content from other network marketers that are in your niche market too.

Now let’s consider why it’s a good idea to use social bookmarking in network marketing. There are a lot of bookmarking sites on the net, but you can work only on the most important ones, like Digg, Delicious, Stumble it, Reddit, Furl, Sphinn, or others that you like.

All your bookmarks can be seen by others, and they can benefit from them. When they find something useful that you’ve bookmarked, they can bookmark it too, and create more incoming links to your website.

Creating more incoming links to your website, makes it rank high on the search engines, and therefore, will get you free targeted traffic. And we’re just considering the traffic you’re getting only from being on the first page of Google. Now think about the traffic you can get from the social bookmarking sites as well if you’re bookmarking interesting stuff with value that the community can see and share.

Social bookmarking is a smart strategy for any network marketing business, and if you’re consistent and take the time to bookmark interesting sites and articles, you will see great results and your business will grow more.

There is another important thing to consider when bookmarking. You have to consider what regular people do on bookmarking sites, and act as one of them. And by regular people, I mean people that are not there for business purposes.

Regular people bookmark stuff they are interested in. It can be something related to health, sports, music, entertainment, or science. They don’t stick to just one category and bookmark stuff from that category only.

They act in a “normal” way, which means, everything they do is natural and not forced or directed to a certain goal. Sometimes as network marketers, we forget about our other interests. This is something you don’t want to forget on social bookmarking sites.

Act as a normal person would; act naturally. And don’t only bookmark stuff related to business. Certainly there are a lot of interests you have, so share them with the community too!

This is what makes social bookmarking effective. Just act naturally, bookmark stuff not related to business. Just be you! And every now and then, bookmark stuff related to business. I suggest bookmarking one business related site or content for every 4-6 sites that have nothing to do with business.

Taking the time to find interesting stuff on the net to bookmark takes time, so maybe you can pay someone to do this work for you. It’s also very important to delegate the easy but time consuming tasks to others, while you concentrate on the things that need more focus and hard work.

Since there are a lot of social bookmarking sites, there are also some social bookmarking services. They make it easy to bookmark a website to a lot of bookmarking sites at the same time. But this comes with a problem. It leaves trails.

When you use social bookmarking services, your website will be bookmarked on a lot of important bookmarking sites, and after you do this a bunch of times, Google and the bookmarking sites, notice the strange behavior, and you’ll be considered a spammer, which can lead to your account being banned from the social bookmarking sites.

Google also notices and punishes you by giving you a low rank on your website. A lot of people don’t know this and they get damaged for using social bookmarking services. So be sure to keep this in mind. If you act in a natural way, you can gain more, than if you try to use shortcuts to get your content bookmarked faster and easily.

If you follow these strategies, and you are consistent, you can grow your web of content in a solid and strong way.

Social Bookmarking is a powerful strategy to use for growing your network marketing business. Just keep in mind what you can do, and what you can’t.

Here are some bookmarking tips:

Don’t spam
Bookmark websites that are not related to business
Bookmark websites in a natural way
Bookmark other’s stuff as much as yours
Focus on 5-10 important bookmarking sites
Be social and add friends so that they benefit from your bookmarks too
Bookmark quality content
When bookmarking the same website or article to a lot of bookmarking sites, be careful not to leave trails
Change the title and description of the link on every bookmarking site
Dedicate a few minutes each day to bookmark interesting content on different social bookmarking sites
If you can, pay someone to do this work for you
Leave comments to the stuff you bookmark, let others know what you think about it

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, you can download Shareaholic, a plugin that will help you bookmark websites to some bookmarking sites. Just be sure to change the routine of your bookmarking and don’t do it the same way always. Don’t leave trails, these are just tools, use them correctly.

Melissa Dominguez is a professional network marketing coach that teaches other network marketers how to grow their business using attraction marketing, social marketing, SEO, list building strategies, blogging strategies, copywriting skills and more.

How to Drive Targeted Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites receive a large amount of visitors every day. If your bookmark reach the front page of the sites, you will get a lot of targeted traffic from them.

Write a Catchy Headline

The majority of the articles go unnoticed because their headlines don’t grab attention. If you want people to see your bookmarked article, you must create an attractive headline. For example, instead of using the headline iPad Accessories, you should used a more catchy headline such as Micro-review: iPad Accessories.

Write a Short Description

The description also plays an important role in drawing the attention of the readers. The description should be brief and describe the news in a way that makes people want to learn more about it. For example, you can write, this article is an in depth review of the official apple iPad’s accessories. If it is news, you can paste the first paragraph in the description. The description should be an introduction about the article and not include the details. It is recommended that you don’t use false facts and lies in the description to generate interests from the readers. The standard word count of the description should be 100 – 150 characters. Since most social bookmarking sites limit the description, you should attempt to describe the article as short as possible.

Create an Impressive First Paragraph

The first paragraph of the article must be must create a good impression on the reader. When the readers click through the link, they will read the first paragraph of the article. If the first paragraph is lousy, they will not read the rest of the article and quit the same. To encourage the reader to remain on the site longer, the first paragraph must be informational and impressive.

Create Good Content

The first paragraph serves to lure the readers to stay for longer period and read the rest of the article. To retain the readers’ attention, the body of the article must be interesting so that people will want to read it. If you are articles is useless, there is no need for bookmarking them. Sometimes, the moderator from the social bookmarking sites will visit the bookmarked page to check if it is spam. If they find out the articles are junk, they will get your site or IP banned from the site. The article should be grammatically correct and without spelling error.

Put a Bookmark Button on the Site

It is best if you provide a convenient way for people to bookmark the article. Many social bookmarking sites offer a piece of code for the buttons which you can paste into the site. When people click on the button, they will be redirected to the particular social bookmarking site. Once they sign in, they will be able to bookmark the article on your site. If you are using a wordpress blog, you can install the social bookmarking plugin from WordPress plugin directory. Addthis.com provides free social bookmarking widget which you can embed into your site. The social bookmarking widget supports 264 sites including Digg, Yazzem, Yahoo! Buzz, Webnews, Xanga, Plurk, Properller, Google Buzz, Dzone, Facebook, Fark, and others. The services which are supported by Addthis.com include WordPress, Blogger, and MySpace. Users will be able to choose different button style. If you have an account on Addthis.com, you will be able to track the performance of the button.

When to Submit

In order to rank on the front page, you must submit it on the right time. Most social bookmarking sites will only rank the post for 24 hours so you will want to post when users are most active. Many people claim that posting at around 3 p.m. US Central Time will enable you to get more traffic to the site. Submission to social bookmarking sites during the weekdays also tend to generate more traffic compare with on weekends.

Submit to the Appropriate Category

If you want your article to get noticed, it must be submitted to the right category. If there is no suitable category, you can submit to the most related category. For example, if your article is about carrot cake recipe, you should submit it to the Food category. Submitting the categories such as General, Miscellaneous and etc will not create much attention since these categories are for unclassified stuffs. These categories usually received lots of submissions so that your article is pushed to the back of the search result. In this way, it will be less likely to be noticed by the reader.

Build a Good Profile

Before submitting URL to the site, you should set up the profile. Having a good profile will make your get more notice from the people, especially if you are an old and respected user. Besides bookmarking pages from your site, you can bookmark interesting articles from other sites. If you keep on bookmark your site, people will realize that you only want to promote your site. It will make your profile look suspicious since it only has links to one site. Social bookmarking sites are places where you share interesting post with other people so that they can bookmark them too. Thus, you should not use it for self promotion purposes. Some social bookmarking sites will suspend your account if you only submit content of one site.

Cooperate with other Social Bookmarkers

One way to get your stories on the front page is cooperating with other social bookmarkers. If you have friends, you can ask them to vote for your bookmarks. In return, you will cast votes for their bookmarks. In Digg, fifty votes will be sufficient to get on the front page. In this way, you will be able to get the article rank on the first page of the site. Most social bookmarking sites have high page rank so you will benefit from the quality backlink. The link juice will pass from the high page rank site to your site. In time, Google will increase the page rank to your time.

How To Make Money Using an Udemy Online Teaching Course

A few decades ago, it was hard to find a good teacher. The only option that you had was to look for one in your area because the Internet was not available at that time. Nowadays, the internet has made it a lot easier to learn from the comfort of home. If you have been thinking of taking a certain course to hone your skills, we suggest that you check out Udemy. Let’s find out how people make money on Udemy by launching courses through websites. Read on to know more.

What Is Udemy?

Basically, this platform brings both students and teachers together. As a matter of fact, Udemy is one of the top platforms for online courses. It offers a lot of free tools and support for instructors to develop courses and make money from them.

Udemy allows anyone to create a course and offer it to everyone across the globe through its platform. Nowadays, the platform has more than 15 million students from more than 190 countries. Moreover, it has courses in more than 80 languages.

Launching a Course

If you want to submit a course on Udemy, you may want to follow the steps below. We will talk about each step in detail so you can get started without any problem.

Sign up

First of all, you may want to go to the home page of Udemy and sign up for an account, which will cost you nothing. As soon as you have signed up, you can access tons of free as well as paid courses.

Course creation

After signing up, you can hit the “Teaching” button. The “Create a course” button will show up that you can press to create a course and become a tutor.

Udemy revenue model

For course creation, Udemy won’t charge you any fee. On the other hand, for selling, you do have to consider the revenue model offered by the platform. Let’s find out more about the revenue model.

Instructor promotion

After a lead generation, the entire revenue goes to the course instructor. For instance, if a lead is generated through the coupon code given by the course creator, the instructor will get the revenue.

Organic traffic

If the course buyer comes to the platform through organic traffic, 50% of the revenue will go to the course creator. And the rest will go to the website. So, there is a lot of money to be made even if you don’t use other means to get the word about your courses.

Other revenue sharing model

This revenue sharing ratio can be between 25% and 97%. Actually, the ratio is based on the fact whether the customer comes to the platform via deals, ads or affiliates. So, based on these factors, the revenue can be more or less.

Resources for Udemy

Udemy helps you throughout the process. Whether you are going to create a course or you want to promote, the platform has resources for you. Udemy offers tons of free resources that help you make your course a success. As a matter of fact, the free resources on this platform are on the list of the best advantages of Udemy, as they help you make money from your course without too much struggle.

So, if you have been thinking of creating a course and publishing it on Udemy, we suggest that you take into account the advice given in this article. Just make sure your course is interesting and it can help your students learn new things. And that’s all you need in order to sell your courses and make a lot of money.

Ideal Solutions To Success Online

If you have ever spent time looking for ideal solutions to success online, you could find yourself very frustrated. You found that there are basic ways to succeed in this line of work. You know that online work isn’t hard, physical labor. Working online is easy in that there isn’t a lot of physical work involved. People who work hard as builders, factory workers, office personnel and in administration, must work hard and produce good results or they no longer have a job. Online work isn’t hard physically. However, it takes tenacity, perseverance, and a little knowledge to be successful. Perhaps herein lies part of your annoyance. Let’s look at some things that bring frustration into your ideal online performance. The items are not listed in any particular order of difficulty or ordered frustration levels.

Number 1, Building a Website

The number one thing that frustrates many people and keeps them from being successful online is building a website. This one thing kept me from being successful online years ago. When you find the right training building a website can be really easy. You don’t have to know HTML to build one today. You can learn how to make a website at certain locations on the Internet. There are places where you can learn how to make a free website.

Number 2, Finding a Domain Name

The best way to relieve frustration from finding a domain name is to first find the niche you want to promote. The name of your site needs to match the niche you have chosen. So, the way you keep this from being frustrating is to identify your niche, and then write a list of 10 to 15 names that describe your niche. It’s like choosing a title for a book, the title must tell what the book is about. Same with your domain name. It must tell what your niche is about. I prefer to stick with a .com. It’s just a personal preference that you don’t have to adhere to.

Number 3, Getting Site Ready

Until you learn, getting your site ready for search engine optimization can be really frustrating. Actually, it can be next to impossible if you don’t have the proper training. Again, I have a page for you to review that explains the ins and outs of preparing your site for SEO. Again, you can write articles, use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The big question you need to ask is, “Where are you going to get the training and knowledge on how to make these ideas work for you?”

Number 4, Getting Traffic

The number one goal for any marketing site is to drive traffic to it. There are many ways to do this, but the only way I choose to do this is by writing good content for my website. What if you can’t write, or at least you think you can’t? Many sites offer training on how to write.The training on a few sites is phenomenal. Every bit of the training is to help you build a site, monetize it and then drive traffic to it. You can learn so many ideas on what to write that you will never run out of something to write about. Getting traffic is almost done for you. All you have to do is follow directions.

Number 5, Training

Before I found a helpful site, training was my nemesis. The lack of training defeated me every time and cost me money. The training I have gotten has given me a handle on success. I have learned how to succeed because I have been trained well. Following are a few things I have been able to find online:

Certification Courses: 5 Levels

1. Getting Started

2. Build Your own Traffic Producing Website

3. Making Money!

4. Mastering Social Engagement

5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Each level has several courses and the training available to make you successful! I repeated most of the lessons. Some were simple but needed more exploring. Others were new to me and my then limited expertise. I can’t believe how much knowledge is packed into these lessons. Yet the progress from one step to the next is given in easy steps for those who aren’t technologically proficient when they begin the courses.

You Get All the Training

Every site that I tried before this would promise they could teach me how to be successful. What they taught me was that I needed to hire a group of professional online gurus to help me build a successful online business. I paid good money to learn this, too. Their ads said that even a monkey could learn how to use their program. I guess that I’m not as smart as a monkey because I couldn’t begin to understand what they were trying to teach me. “You’ll never believe how easy it is to make money online,” their ads read. I learned the hard way, out of pocketbook hard way, that paper will lie still and let you write anything on it. At least the paper they wrote on did! I was never able to follow more than the first couple steps. Not nearly enough to learn anything. However, all that has changed now. Since I found this site, I have learned how to be successful online. All I’ve done since I’ve been here is grow and grow. That’s where I am. That was what I was looking for in the first place. Can I tell you that I found a place where you can work at your pace, make the amount of money you want to make, and work when and where you want to.

Work for Yourself

The best boss you will ever have is YOU. Working for yourself online doesn’t require lots of energy. You don’t have to have a specific location where you go to work. With today’s technological advances, you can work from nearly anywhere. I prefer to work at home with my family nearby. That’s where you can find yourself, too. Are you ready for the change? Are you ready to be your own boss? Then don’t wait! Visit me to begin today!